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In This Topic
    MaxRTFVersion Property
    In This Topic

    List & Label uses the Windows RTF control. As there are different versions of this control, List & Label has to know which version to use. With this property you provide the maximum version number for List & Label to use.

    0x100: Version 1.0

    0x200: Version 2.0


    Please note that setting this property results in closing and re-opening the underlying List & Label job. All defined variables, fields etc. will be reset by this action. You should set this property as early as possible, ideally right after constructing an instance of the component.

    Public Property MaxRTFVersion As Integer
    public int MaxRTFVersion {get; set;}
    property int MaxRTFVersion {
       int get();
       void set (    int value);

    Property Value




    Platforms: Windows 10 (Version 21H2 - 23H2), Windows 11 (21H2 - 22H2), Windows Server 2016 - 2022
    .NET: .NET Framework 4.8, .NET 6, .NET 7, .NET 8

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