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combit.Reporting.Dom Namespace / PropertyUserDefinedDesignScheme Class

In This Topic
    PropertyUserDefinedDesignScheme Class
    In This Topic

    Used to query or determine the user-defined design scheme.

    Object Model
    PropertyUserDefinedDesignScheme ClassPropertyDesignSchemeColors ClassPropertyDesignSchemeColors Class
    Public Class PropertyUserDefinedDesignScheme 
       Inherits DomItem
    public class PropertyUserDefinedDesignScheme : DomItem 
    public ref class PropertyUserDefinedDesignScheme : public DomItem 

    Setting the individual color values is done via the indexed listing of the individual color values in PropertyDesignSchemeColors and must have a string with the content RGB(r, g, b):

    r = intensity of the red color

    g = intensity of the green color

    b = intensity of the blue color

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    Platforms: Windows 10 (Version 21H2 - 23H2), Windows 11 (21H2 - 22H2), Windows Server 2016 - 2022

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