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combit.Reporting.Dom Namespace / PropertyCrosstabDimension Class
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In This Topic
    PropertyCrosstabDimension Class
    In This Topic
    Gets or sets the content of a crosstab in one dimension (columns vs. rows). You may specify the groupings to use as well as the GroupLabel or SumLabel to be used.
    Object Model
    PropertyCrosstabDimension ClassCollectionFormulas ClassDomItem ClassCollectionCrosstabCellGroupLabels ClassCrosstabCellBase ClassCollectionCrosstabCellSumLabels ClassCrosstabCellBase Class
    Public Class PropertyCrosstabDimension 
       Inherits DomItem
    public class PropertyCrosstabDimension : DomItem 
    public ref class PropertyCrosstabDimension : public DomItem 
    Inheritance Hierarchy



    Platforms: Windows 10 (Version 21H2 - 23H2), Windows 11 (21H2 - 22H2), Windows Server 2016 - 2022
    .NET: .NET Framework 4.8, .NET 6, .NET 7, .NET 8

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