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    Here you will find additional resources like additional examples, important assemblies and namespaces, other interesting concepts, as well as valuable links to other online content.

     Overview of .NET examples

    Hint: During the installation of List & Label numerous code examples are installed under '..\Samples\Microsoft.NET\'  which can be tried out and adapted directly. The supplied Sample Center provides a good overview of the installed examples. You can also open the examples shown there directly in Visual Studio.


     Important Assemblies and Namespaces

    combit.ListLabel29 Assembly

    The main component that contains all important List & Label basic functions for design, printing and export. Comfortable classes are available for this purpose.


    combit.Reporting.DataProviders Namespace

    This namespace contains all available and directly supplied data providers of List & Label and allows direct connections to sources like SqlConnection, XML files or object hierarchies and more. The interfaces contained in this namespace also allow you to implement your own data providers for connections that are not yet covered.


    combit.Reporting.Dom Namespace

    To create project files dynamically at runtime or to edit existing project files using runtime code, you can use the list & Label DOM functions. Convenient classes are available for this purpose.


    combit.Reporting.Web Assembly

    List & Label can also be used within web applications. For ASP.NET based web applications, List & Label includes a component for displaying reports directly in the web browser (see Use of the Web Report Viewer), which also supports complex features such as drilldown support. The Web Designer can be used as a standalone version of the Designer on a Windows client, which can be used to design reports on the server using the familiar List & Label Designer. But with the Web Report Designer you can create or modify reports directly within the clients browser - no local windows installation is necessary. And with the fully browser-based Ad-hoc Designer, even simple projects can be created - also directly in the browser.


    combit.ReportServer29.ClientApi Assembly und combit.Reporting.ReportServerIntegration Assembly

    The out-of-the-box web reporting solution combit Report Server (available from Enterprise Edition and included automatically) can be directly controlled by the List & Label.NET component.


     Other important concepts

    Here you will find further important concepts for using List & label in the .NET environment like data providers, events, fields and variables, report containers, objects, debugging and much more.


     Knowledgebase, Blog, Forum and Stack Overlow


    Here you will find numerous additional topics or technical tips on special requirements and more.


    combit Dev Blog

    The entire development team regularly blogs about upcoming List & Label innovations and general development topics.

    Tip: Before the official release of new major versions of List & Label you will find here important and interesting information about the upcoming innovations.



    In the List & Label Forum you can network with other developers and our support team. You benefit from the experience of others and make faster progress.


    Stack Overflow

    Questions and answers about List & Label can also be found at Stack Overflow, one of the largest international platforms for Software Developer.