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The following table shows some important events of the ListLabel component:

Event Usage



These events are called for each field or variable before passing it to List & Label. With the event arguments you can manipulate the name and content or completely prevent the declaration of the element.


This event is triggered for every new page when using databinding. Here, you can register additional required page-specific variables for the application which are not part of the data source by using LL.Variables.Add().


The event is triggered for every new line. If the application requires additional line-specific data which is not part of the data source itself, it can be added in this event by using LL.Fields.Add().





These events are each called once before and after printing the corresponding elements, e.g. for each table cell (DrawTableField). The event arguments contain a Graphics object and the output rectangle so that the application can output custom information additionally. That could be a special shading, a "Trial” character or a complete specific output.


You can support your users by displaying help texts for each variable and field in the Designer.