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Object Model (DOM)
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Whereas the Designer is providing a very comfortable and powerful interface for editing project files, it can often be desired to set object or report properties per code. For example, the application can display a dialog prior to the Designer with a data preselection and then start the Designer with a project already prepared with this selection. An example for that can be found in the installed sample Simple DOM Sample.

Access to the object model is only available from the Professional Edition and higher.

The following table lists the most important classes and properties of the combit.ListLabel24.Dom namespace. Within the single classes, the properties can easily be browsed via IntelliSense:

Class Function




The actual project classes. These represent the root element of the project. Key methods are OpenSave and Close.
<Project>.Objects A list of all objects within the project. The objects are descendants of ObjectBase and each object contains its own properties and enumerations (e.g. Text paragraphs).
<Project>.Regions An enumeration of the layout regions of the project. A page dependent printer control can be realized this way for example. Further information can be found in Different Printer and Copies.
ObjectText Represents a text object. Key property is Paragraphs, the actual content of the text.
ObjectReportContainer Represents a report container. Key property is SubItems, the actual content of the report container.
SubItemTable Represents a table within the report container. It consists of different line regions (Lines Property), which have different columns (Columns Property of a line).