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Especially for the .NET Standard/Core Framework the List & Label Installation delivers separate assemblies which are located in the directory .\Samples\Microsoft .NET\Assemblies\NETStandard\:



Platform Independence

.NET Standard/Core has the significant advantage that it aims at platform independence in order to be able to run applications not only on Microsoft Windows systems. Since List & Label interacts strongly with the Microsoft Windows system and its resources (e.g. printer driver system etc.) List & Label cannot fulfill this platform independence despite the support of .NET Standard/Core and still requires a Windows system.


Known Limitations

As part of the product maintenance of List & Label, the current status of the .NET Standard/Core compatibility is regularly checked and updated. The following list is based on the status autumn 2018.


Main assembly combit.ListLabel[...].NETStandard




The following dataproviders cannot be used because dependencies are not yet included in .NET Standard/Core:


Visual UI-Controls

The List & Label component also contains visual controls that cannot be used:

As part of the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE, a separate DataSource component is supplied, which can be placed primarily as a UI control, e.g. on a WinForm and also offers so-called SmartTags within the Visual Studio IDE. The dataproviders and components used there cannot be used in this context:


Web assembly combit.ListLabel[...].Web.NETStandard

The contained controls like the HTML5 Viewer and the Web Designer can be used in the .NET Standard/Core environment. The following NuGet dependencies are used here: