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In This Topic
    XmlDataProvider Class
    In This Topic
    This data provider can be used to access data from XML files. It will not use schema information in XML/XSD files and does not handle constraints. The main purpose of this class is to provide a fast and easy access to nested XML data. This class is serializable.
    Object Model
    XmlDataProvider Class
    Public NotInheritable Class XmlDataProvider 
       Implements ICanHandleUsedIdentifiers, IDataProvider 
    public sealed class XmlDataProvider : ICanHandleUsedIdentifiers, IDataProvider  
    public ref class XmlDataProvider sealed : public ICanHandleUsedIdentifiers, IDataProvider  

    There are a number of ways to influence the data type parsing behavior of the provider. By default, all nodes are typed by their content, i.e. if a node only contains numbers, the resulting field type will be LlFieldType.Numeric. To override this behavior, you may use the PreParseXPathNavigator Event of the provider. Another way is using a specialized attribute as shown in the example XML below.

    Sample XML using the lltype attribute
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    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
        <Company>combit GmbH</Company>
          <MainContact lltype="Boolean">1</MainContact>
          <MainContact lltype="Boolean">0</MainContact>
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