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ReportTask Class Members
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combit.ReportServer.ClientApi.Objects Namespace : ReportTask Class

The following tables list the members exposed by ReportTask.

Public Properties
Public PropertyUTC timestamp of the date when the task was created.  
Public PropertyGets or sets whether to disable the report cache when exporting the report template of this task.  
Public PropertyGets or sets the export/printing profile to use (see ExportProfileBase).  
Public PropertyGets the ID of the task.  
Public PropertyReturns if this task has created on the server already. Note that new tasks are not known to the server until CreateOrUpdateAsync was called.  
Public PropertyGets the name of the user who did the last modification  
Public PropertyGets the UTC timestamp of the last modification.  
Public PropertyGets or sets the name of the task (max. length: 100 characters).  
Public PropertyGets the owner of the task (the user who created) it. The owner is the only user who is allowed to modify the task (beside the administrators).  
Public PropertyGets or sets the report template that this task uses when executed. Assign the ID of an existing report template, see ReportTemplate.Id.  
Public PropertyGets or sets whether to skip sending the report to a printer (when a printing profile is used for ExportProfileId) when no data records were processed in the report.  
Public Methods
Public MethodCreates or updates this task on the server.  
Public MethodDeletes this task on the server.  
Public MethodGets the list of action which are executed after creating the report.  
Public MethodGets the list of triggers of this task.  
Public MethodSets the report parameters to use when exporting or printing the report template. Please note that all existing report parameters will be cleared before setting the specified list of report parameters.  
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