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    ICanHandleUsedRelations Interface Members
    In This Topic

    The following tables list the members exposed by ICanHandleUsedRelations.

    Public Methods
     MethodThis method is called by List & Label to set the relations used in a project that is about to be printed. You may cache this information in your own data provider in order to e.g. optimize your queries.  

    This function is used to mark relations as pure 1:n relations. By default, all relations whose ITableRow interface returns "true" for SupportsGetParentRow are displayed in the tree as 1:1 nodes within the corresponding tables. As an example you can see this in the provided sample application with its Northwind data source for the relation "Customers" below the table "Orders":

    But if there are (some) relations for which this should not be the case, because they cannot be resolved backwards by the data source, this can be intercepted in this function.

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