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In This Topic
    ICanHandleUsedIdentifiers Interface
    In This Topic
    By implementing this interface, custom data providers can receive the identifiers actually used in a print project e.g. in order to optimize queries.
    Object Model
    ICanHandleUsedIdentifiers Interface
    Public Interface ICanHandleUsedIdentifiers 
    public interface ICanHandleUsedIdentifiers 
    public interface class ICanHandleUsedIdentifiers 
    #region ICanHandleUsedIdentifiers Members
    private ReadOnlyCollection<string> _usedIdentifiers;
    internal ReadOnlyCollection<string> UsedIdentifiers
            return _usedIdentifiers;
    public void SetUsedIdentifiers(ReadOnlyCollection<string> identifiers)
        _usedIdentifiers = identifiers;
    #region ICanHandleUsedIdentifiers Members
    Private _usedIdentifiers As ReadOnlyCollection(Of String)
    Friend Readonly Property UsedIdentifiers() As ReadOnlyCollection(Of String)
            Return _usedIdentifiers
        End Get
    End Property
    Public Sub SetUsedIdentifiers(identifiers As ReadOnlyCollection(Of String))
        _usedIdentifiers = identifiers
    End Sub
    #End Region

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