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MaximumIdleIterationsPerObject Property

combit.ListLabel25 Namespace > ListLabel Class : MaximumIdleIterationsPerObject Property

This option is used to set the maximum number of attempts to print an object. Useful to prevent endless loops if non-wrappable content is exceeding the available space. Default '0' means 'no limit'.

Public Property MaximumIdleIterationsPerObject As Integer
public int MaximumIdleIterationsPerObject {get; set;}
property int MaximumIdleIterationsPerObject {
   int get();
   void set (    int value);

With the help of  ResetIdleIterationCounter, you can ensure that an endless loop cannot occur for your own designer objects (see DesignerObject) despite this option.


Platforms: Windows 7 SP1 to Windows 10 Version 1709 - 2004, Windows Server 2008 R2 to 2019

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