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combit.ListLabel25.Dom Namespace : Region Class

The following tables list the members exposed by Region.

Public Constructors
Public ConstructorOverloaded.   
Public Properties
Public PropertyDefines if the copies will be sorted.  
Public PropertyCondition for the application of the layout. To use a specific layout for the first page for example, set this property to the value Page() = 1.  
Public PropertyDefines the number of copies.  
Public PropertyContains extended settings for the printer to use. Can be set with the Set Method conveniently.  
Public PropertyDefines the duplex mode.  
Public PropertyDefines if the objects shall be fitted to the page.  
Public PropertyForces the paper format if printing on a different printer.  
Public Property  
Public PropertyDefines the page layout.  
Public PropertyName of the layout region (is displayed in the Designer).  
Public PropertyDefines the paper size.  
Public Property  
Public PropertyDefines the source tray of the printer.  
Public Property  
Public PropertyDefines if the paper size or the size of the printable area is used for design.  
Public Methods
Public MethodCopies all cloneable properties from one item to another. Make sure to call ResetInformation on the modified project in order to rebuild the object model afterwards. (Inherited from combit.ListLabel25.Dom.DomItem)
Public Method (Inherited from combit.ListLabel25.Dom.DomItem)
Public MethodOverloaded. Sets the properties for the layout region corresponding to the passed settings.  
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