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PropertyChartEngineBarBase Class Members
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combit.ListLabel25.Dom Namespace : PropertyChartEngineBarBase Class

The following tables list the members exposed by PropertyChartEngineBarBase.

Public Properties
Public PropertyGets or sets the properties of a filling e.g. a background, a rectangle filling etc.  
Public Property  
Public PropertyGets or sets the orientation.  
Public PropertyDetermines settings for a secondary value axis.  
Public PropertyGets or sets if light effects should be used. (Inherited from combit.ListLabel25.Dom.PropertyChartEngineBase)
Public PropertyThis class represents a category axis (x-Axis or - for 3D charts - x/y axis).  
Public Methods
Public Method (Inherited from combit.ListLabel25.Dom.PropertyChartEngineBase)
Public Method (Inherited from combit.ListLabel25.Dom.DomItem)
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PropertyChartEngineBarBase Class
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