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LlPrintOptionsDialogTitle Method

combit.ListLabel25 Namespace > LlCore Class : LlPrintOptionsDialogTitle Method

window handle of the calling program

dialog title

text to be shown in the dialog, e.g. "55 labels will be printed"

Calls a print option selection window and enables the user to select print specific settings.

Public Sub LlPrintOptionsDialogTitle( _
   ByVal windowHandle As IntPtr, _
   ByVal title As String, _
   ByVal text As String _
public void LlPrintOptionsDialogTitle( 
   IntPtr windowHandle,
   string title,
   string text
void LlPrintOptionsDialogTitle( 
   IntPtr windowHandle,
   String^ title,
   String^ text



window handle of the calling program


dialog title


text to be shown in the dialog, e.g. "55 labels will be printed"


The following settings can be made:

Default values can be defined with LlPrintSetOption(). This function must be called after LlPrintStart() / LlPrintWithBoxStart() but before calling LlPrint() for the first time. The number of copies might have to be evaluated by the programmer as some printer drivers do not have the corresponding function implemented. The function LlPrinterSetup(...) offers the possibility of calling a print selection dialog without further settings.


Platforms: Windows 7 SP1 - Windows 10 Version 1909, Windows Server 2008 R2 - 2019

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