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ListLabelDesignerWorkspace Class Properties

combit.ListLabel25 Namespace : ListLabelDesignerWorkspace Class

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Public Properties
Public Property

Assigns the window title in the Designer. You can use the format place holder %s within the text to show the project name.

Public PropertyDesign languages can be defined in the Designer hereby. For further information see the DesignerLanguages Class.  
Public Property

The menu items that are not available in the Designer.

Public Property

Hides the given function in the formula assistant. Must be called before any functions are evaluated.

Public Property

The name of the project currently opened. If you have created a new file through an action, it can be named in this way. Otherwise corresponds to setting "Save as…".

Please note that this property is only available with a DesignerAction in an open Designer.

Public PropertyThe read-only objects.  
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