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XlsDataProvider Class

combit.ListLabel25.DataProviders Namespace : XlsDataProvider Class
This data provider can be used to bind to Microsoft Excel data (*.xls, *.xlsx).
Object Model
XlsDataProvider Class
Public NotInheritable Class XlsDataProvider 
   Implements IDataProvider 
public sealed class XlsDataProvider : IDataProvider  
public ref class XlsDataProvider sealed : public IDataProvider  

General information:
- When using multiple different field types in a single column the field type wins that was added first and therefore defines the field type for all fields in a column.
- Worksheet = Table, i.e. every single worksheet will be added as a single table.
- Content of connected cells will be passed as content for the first field of the interconnection. Following fields will be added with content "0".

- The output of evaluated field content is not possible.
- Sorting the data provider is not possible. Data must be sorted in the excel file.
- Empty lines in the excel file are ignored and not used.
- For worksheet names the same conditions for field and variable names apply, further information can be found in the Programmer's Manual (chapter "Hints on Variable and Field Names").

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