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ITableRow Interface Members
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combit.ListLabel25.DataProviders Namespace : ITableRow Interface

The following tables list the members exposed by ITableRow.

Public Properties
 PropertyThis property is accessed to query the columns of the table row. If your data provider supports the ICanHandleUsedIdentifiers interface, you only need to return the columns received in SetUsedIdentifiers Method  
 PropertyThis property is accessed to query if the row supports getting the parent row for a given relation. See the GetParentRow Method for more information.  
 PropertyThis property is queried to receive the table name this row belongs to.  
Public Methods
 MethodThis method is called whenever a sub table is needed. This happens if the user chose to insert a relationally linked table to the current table e.g. the orders of a customer. In this case, the method will be called on the customer table with the relation linking to the orders table.  
 MethodThis method is called to access the fields of a parent table. Within the Designer, these fields are made available in a folder with a "1:1" icon.  If your provider does not support 1:1 relations, simply return false for the SupportsGetParentRow property and throw a NotImplementedException for this method. Be aware however that your users will not be able to access e.g. customer data from an order if you have a 1:n relation between customers and their orders.  
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