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combit.ListLabel25.Web.WebDesigner.Server Namespace
Inheritance Hierarchy

Contains components to use the web designer without local List & Label client installation to design project files on the server.

ClassEvent Argument class when the Web Designer is closed on the client.
ClassEvent Argument class when the Web Designer needs an instance of its data provider.
ClassEvent Argument class when a upload from combit.ListLabel.WebDesigner is finished
ClassGlobal properties for the Web Designer. For the properties of a specific instance, see WebDesignerOptions.
ClassProperties of a specific Web Designer instance. For the global properties see WebDesignerConfig.

Renders a bootstrapper that will launch the Web Designer application with the specified List & Label project.

InterfaceStores SetOption() calls of LlCore to apply it to the LL job within te Web Designer client.
EnumerationSpecifies the authentication mode for the Web Designer.
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