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Redistribution of the .NET Component
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To redistribute respectively install the .NET Assembly, the following has to be carried out, contrary to the other List & Label DLLs (see also Deployment):
The List & Label .NET Assembly has to be located either in the directory of your application (but not the System32 directory) or in the GAC (Global Assembly Cache). The following article from Microsoft gives information about how to add a .NET Assembly to the Global Assembly Cache under Windows:

Only the List & Label DLLs can be copied to the System32 directory. Please note, however, that copying files into the System32 directory has been made difficult under Windows Vista and Windows 7; Administrator rights are needed for doing that. Also it might be possible that already existing List & Label files from another application could be overwritten and therefore the correct function of the application can not be ensured due to different versions of the List & Label files/DLLs. Copying the List & Label files into the own application directory is therefore the better choice and avoids version conflicts with other applications. Further detailed information can be found under Deployment.