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    Create Reports


    In the following, we will show you how to create your own reports step-by-step with the help of the List & Label Designer and demonstrate the basic techniques for doing so. The supplied sample application is used as the basis for this. In addition, the sample application already contains ready-made reports for various requirements and shows reports with simple tables, more complex sub-reports, charts and crosstabs, labels, forms and many more. But in the following points it is about developing your own reports within the Designer.


    Create a Report with a Table

    In simple steps it is shown how a title line can be created in a report and how an own company logo can be added. Subsequently, a table is inserted with the help of the Report Container and various formatting is shown.

    Create a Simple Report


    Create a Simple Invoice

    If an invoice is to be created, the challenge is on the one hand to place the data of the invoice recipient clearly (like address information and invoice header) and on the other hand to list the individual items of the invoice in tabular form. In addition, the company's own logo is added as a graphic and totals are defined in the footer of the item list.

    Create a Simple Invoice


    Create a Simple Label

    When creating labels, the selection of the appropriate template or the size of the paper/label must be made. In addition, simple text fields, graphics or even barcodes are often placed.

    Create a Simple Label


    Define a Simple Aggregation

    In order to be able to use aggregations, corresponding values must be summarized and it must be determined how these are to be aggregated. For this purpose, a table is used in the report, which then outputs the result in the footer.

    Create a Simple Statistical Report