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combit.Reporting.Web.WindowsClientWebDesigner.Server Namespace / WindowsClientWebDesignerOptions Class

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    WindowsClientWebDesignerOptions Class Members
    In This Topic

    The following tables list the members exposed by WindowsClientWebDesignerOptions.

    Public Constructors
    Public Properties
    Public PropertySee combit.Reporting.ListLabel.AddVarsToFields.  
    Public PropertyAutoMasterMode of List & Label object (see combit.Reporting.ListLabel.AutoMasterMode).  
    Public PropertyAllows to specify options for the client-side List & Label job as usually done via ListLabel.Core.SetOption().  
    Public PropertyDataMember of List & Label object  
    Public PropertyThe data source to use for the Web Designer (see combit.Reporting.ListLabel.DataSource). The data source is disposed automatically when the Web Designer is closed on the client.  
    Public PropertyAllows to add the displayed languages for the report localization. Please note that this has no effect on the language of the Web Designer user interface (see Language for the GUI language of the Web Designer).  
    Public PropertyOptional. If set to a handler method, this gives you access to the dictionary collections (see combit.Reporting.ListLabel.Dictionary).  
    Public PropertyIf you'd like to add your own combit.Reporting.DesignerObject or combit.Reporting.DesignerFunction classes to the Web Designer, put them in a separate assembly and add them as combit.Reporting.Web.WindowsClientWebDesigner.WebDesignerExtension to this list. See the blog article Add Your Custom Objects and Functions to the Web DesignerT:combit.Reporting.Web.WindowsClientWebDesigner.WebDesignerExtension% class for some comments and an example code.  
    Public Property(Optional) Sets the language for the user interface of the Web Designer. Default: System language of the client for the Web Designer application and the language of the current thread's culture for the rendered page that launches the Web Designer from the client's browser.  
    Public PropertySee combit.Reporting.ListLabel.Printerless.  
    Public PropertyAbsolute path to the List & Label project file or the repository item ID to open in the designer.  
    Public PropertyProject type (List/Card/Label) of the project file set in the ProjectFile property.  
    Public PropertyAbsolute path to a directory for temporary files. Ensure that the IIS user has write permissions.  
    Public PropertyOptional. If set to a handler method, this gives you access to the variables collection (see combit.Reporting.ListLabel.Variables).  
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