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ReportDataParameter Class Members

combit.ReportServer.ClientApi.Objects Namespace : ReportDataParameter Class

The following tables list the members exposed by ReportDataParameter.

Public Constructors
Public Constructor  
Public Properties
Public PropertyAll available choices  
Public PropertyThe kind of control the user should see for the parameter  
Public PropertyThe globally unique identifier of this parameter  
Public PropertyText which helps to understand the usage of the parameter  
Public PropertyVisibility of the parameter  
Public PropertyWhether you can select no item  
Public PropertyWhether this parameter is may be null  
Public PropertyName of the parameter  
Public PropertyIf not null, it is the identifier of the parameter on which this parameter depends  
Public PropertyWhether you can select multiple items  
Public PropertyThe Mode of the Source of this parameter  
Public PropertyThe Type of the Source of this parameter  
Public PropertyValue of the parameter  
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