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combit.Reporting.DataProviders Namespace / DataProviderCollection Class
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In This Topic
    DataProviderCollection Class
    In This Topic
    This data provider can be used to combine multiple other data providers into one datasource. Use it if you have e.g. multiple DataSet classes from where to pull data or if you would like to have a mix of XML and custom object data.
    Object Model
    DataProviderCollection Class
    DataSet ds1 = CreateDataSet();
    DataSet ds2 = CreateOtherDataSet();
    // combine the data from ds1 and ds2 into one datasource
    DataProviderCollection providerCollection = new DataProviderCollection();
    providerCollection.Add(new AdoDataProvider(ds1));
    providerCollection.Add(new AdoDataProvider(ds2));
    LL.DataSource = providerCollection;
    Dim ds1 As DataSet = CreateDataSet()
    Dim ds2 As DataSet = CreateOtherDataSet()
    ' combine the data from ds1 and ds2 into one datasource
    Dim providerCollection As New DataProviderCollection()
    providerCollection.Add(New AdoDataProvider(ds1))
    providerCollection.Add(New AdoDataProvider(ds2))
    LL.DataSource = providerCollection
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