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    List & Label can also be used within web applications, albeit with a number of limitations. For ASP.NET-based web applications, List & Label contains components for displaying reports in the web browser (Html5ViewerControl), which also support complex features such as drill-down, as well as an independent version of the Designer with which reports can be designed on the server with the familiar List & Label Designer (Web Designer).


    Printing within a web application is basically the same as an export e.g. to PDF format, where all dialogs are suppressed. How this is done in general is described in section "Export Without User Interaction". After the report is generated that way, the browser of the user can be directed to the created file by the usual mechanisms. Alternatively the file can be sent directly to the user via e-mail if the creation is to be scheduled (see also class MailJob).

    Note the property Printerless. If no printer driver is available on the server, you should set this option to true. Then a virtual device will be used for rendering. Note that this may have a minimal effect on the positioning of the output.

    Generally the project files are created within a client application and then published together with the web application. The following image visualizes the principle:


    ClassRenders a bootstrapper that will launch the Web Designer application with the specified List & Label project.
    ClassBasic configuration for HTML5Viewer.
    ClassRenders an HTML5-based component that displays reports in the browser, supporting all major browsers, operating systems and mobile devices. For the ASP.NET MVC version of this control, see Html5ViewerMVCHelper.Html5Viewer.
    ClassProperties for an instance of the Html5Viewer.
    ClassUsed by the Html5Viewer control when it requires a new ListLabel instance.
    ClassUsed by the Html5Viewer control when it requests a list of links that should be displayed in the export menu.
    ClassRepresents a link that is rendered in the export menu of the Html5Preview control.
    ClassContains MVC helper methods - see WebReportDesigner
    ClassContains MVC helper methods - see WebReportViewer
    EnumerationSets the source for referenced Javascript and CSS files (jQuery, jQuery Mobile, ...).

    Internally, combit.ListLabel27.Web.dll uses the ASP.NET MVC and WebAPI frameworks. In order for the required references to be found, you will need to add the relevant NuGet packages to your own project as well. However, we recommend going through the respective NuGet packages, where the necessary dependencies are automatically added accordingly.

    Please note that only .NET Framework versions 4.7 and above are supported. For the .NET Core 3.1 and .NET 5 support please look at chapter Notes for .NET Core 3.1/.NET 5/.NET 6.

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