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combit.Reporting.Web.WebReportDesigner.Server Namespace / ProvideInformationReadOnlyBase Class

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    ProvideInformationReadOnlyBase Class Members
    In This Topic

    The following tables list the members exposed by ProvideInformationReadOnlyBase.

    Public Properties
    Public PropertyReturns the interval for creating backups while a project is being edited in the Web Report Designer. Values less than 0 disable this feature. Minimum interval is 30 seconds.  
    Public PropertyReturns the directory for backup files that are generated while the Web Report Designer is running.  
    Public PropertyA custom string that is assigned to the given customData-Property in the Web Report Designer control.  
    Public PropertyA custom object that was assigned in ProvideWebReportDesignerSessionOptionsContext.Options and its WebReportDesignerSessionOptions.CustomData property in WebReportDesignerController.OnProvideWebReportDesignerSessionOptions.  
    Public PropertyCurrent instance id.  
    Public PropertyReturns the logger of the Web Report Designer instance as defined in WebReportDesignerSessionOptions.SetLogger. It is recommended to pass this logger to the combit.Reporting.ListLabel.ListLabel Constructor(ILlLogger) constructor in your event handler.  
    Public PropertyRepositoryId of the current opened project. Could be empty if no project is opened.  
    Public PropertyReturns the directory for temporary files that are generated while the Web Report Designer is running.  
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