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combit.Reporting.Web.WebReportDesigner.Server Namespace / WebReportDesignerController Class / OnProvideWebReportDesignerSessionOptions Method
Contains context information (see ProvideWebReportDesignerSessionOptionsContext).

In This Topic
    OnProvideWebReportDesignerSessionOptions Method
    In This Topic
    This virtual method is called when the Web Report Designer creates a new instance and the session options are loaded. If you override this method, you must make sure that the default information is transferred to the Session Options object.
    Public Overridable Sub OnProvideWebReportDesignerSessionOptions( _
       ByVal provideWebReportDesignerSessionOptionsContext As ProvideWebReportDesignerSessionOptionsContext _
    public virtual void OnProvideWebReportDesignerSessionOptions( 
       ProvideWebReportDesignerSessionOptionsContext provideWebReportDesignerSessionOptionsContext
    virtual void OnProvideWebReportDesignerSessionOptions( 
       ProvideWebReportDesignerSessionOptionsContext^ provideWebReportDesignerSessionOptionsContext


    Contains context information (see ProvideWebReportDesignerSessionOptionsContext).

    Platforms: Windows 10 (Version 21H2 - 23H2), Windows 11 (21H2 - 22H2), Windows Server 2016 - 2022
    .NET: .NET Framework 4.8, .NET 6, .NET 7, .NET 8

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