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combit.Reporting.Repository Namespace / IRepository Interface

In This Topic
    IRepository Interface Members
    In This Topic

    The following tables list the members exposed by IRepository.

    Public Methods
     MethodCan be used to check, if an item exists in the repository.  

    Stores a new or modified item in the repository.

     MethodDeletes the repository item with the specified ID.  
     MethodReturns a list of all items in the repository.  
     MethodReturns a single repository item.  
     MethodLoads the contents of the file (repository item) and writes it to the destinationStream.  

    Gets called when an item of the repository is loaded to be edited (i.e. project files) to lock it for exclusive access.

     MethodReleases a lock for an item which was previously locked with LockItem for editing.  
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