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    combit.Reporting.Web.WebReportViewer Namespace
    In This Topic
    ClassThis class is for internal use only. It provides the basic context properties of the Web Report Viewer control for all accessable OnProvide[...] methods.
    ClassContext parameter for the WebReportViewerController.OnProvideListLabel method.
    ClassContext parameter for the WebReportViewerController.OnProvideRepository method.
    ClassContext parameter for the WebReportViewerController.OnProvideWebReportViewerSessionOptions method.
    ClassContext parameter for the WebReportViewerController.OnRenderExportLinks method.
    ClassStatic configuration class for the Web Report Viewer.
    ClassBase class to inherit from for custom controllers that host the Web Report Viewer
    ClassContains Web Report Viewer helper methods.
    ClassContains MVC configuration properties.
    ClassProperties of a specific Web Report Viewer instance. For the global properties see WebReportViewerConfig.
    ClassContext parameter for the WebReportViewerController.OnInstanceTouched method.
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