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combit.ReportServer.ClientApi.Objects Namespace : ExportResult Class

The following tables list the members exposed by ExportResult.

Public Properties
Public PropertyGets the (UTC) date until which the returned report is valid. This time period depends on the caching property of the report template (ReportTemplate.MaxCacheTime).  
Public PropertyReturns a list of links to the exported files on the server.  
Public PropertyGets the file name and link to the first page of the report, e.g. the index.html file of a HTML export.  
Public PropertyReturns true when the report was provided from the cache. You may prevent cached results with PreparedReport.DisableCaching.  
Public Methods
Public Method  
Public MethodOverloaded. Downloads all files of the report from the server and saves them in the specified directory. Please note that some reports may have subdirectories.  
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