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LlPreviewSetTempPath Method

combit.ListLabel24 Namespace > LlCore Class : LlPreviewSetTempPath Method

valid path with a concluding backslash "\"

Sets a temporary path for the print preview file(s). Useful especially for applications running in a network environment.

Public Sub LlPreviewSetTempPath( _
   ByVal path As String _
public void LlPreviewSetTempPath( 
   string path
void LlPreviewSetTempPath( 
   String^ path



valid path with a concluding backslash "\"


In this path, the preview file(s) will be stored. The filename is the project??s name, the file extension is ".LL". The preview file can be archived, sent or viewed whenever needed. If the path is null or "" the path in which the project file is stored is taken. This command must be called before the first call to LlPrint() in the print loop.


Platforms: Windows Vista - Windows 10 Version 1809, Windows Server 2008 - 2016

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