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ListLabel Class

combit.ListLabel24 Namespace : ListLabel Class

This class represents an instance of the List & Label object. You can set many options via the properties. The methods allow for a quick design and print access. The events give you further capabilities to influence the print result. The collections for designer objects and functions enable you to add functions and objects to the designer.

The Core object gives you access to the full List & Label API. Last but not least the collections for fields, variables and chart fields host the data that make up the building blocks of your design. Add different types of data and choose the placeholder names for your end users.

Object Model
ListLabel ClassDesignerActionCollection ClassDesignerAction ClassDesignerFunctionCollection ClassDesignerObjectCollection ClassDesignerObject ClassIRepository Interface
Public Class ListLabel 
   Inherits System.ComponentModel.Component
public class ListLabel : System.ComponentModel.Component 
public ref class ListLabel : public System.ComponentModel.Component 
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Platforms: Windows Vista - Windows 10 Version 1809, Windows Server 2008 - 2016

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