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combit.ListLabel25.Dom Namespace : PropertySettings Class

The following tables list the members exposed by PropertySettings.

Public Properties
Public PropertyGets the creation date and time (comma separated) of the List & Label project.  
Public PropertyGets or sets the number of decimals used for default formatting of numeric values.  
Public PropertyGets or sets the default destination (e.g. "PDF", "PRV", ...).  
Public PropertyGets or sets the project default font. This is the default for other default fonts (e.g. the DefaultFont of a report container item).  
Public PropertyGets the project file version.  
Public PropertyGets the locale ID of the project.  
Public Property  
Public PropertyGets or sets the maximum outline depth for a PDF table of content.  
Public PropertyGets the unit system of the project.  
Public PropertyOffers properties to set diverse representation codes.  
Public PropertySpecifies the embracing characters for text.  
Public Methods
Public MethodCopies all cloneable properties from one item to another. Make sure to call ResetInformation on the modified project in order to rebuild the object model afterwards. (Inherited from combit.ListLabel25.Dom.DomItem)
Public Method (Inherited from combit.ListLabel25.Dom.DomItem)
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