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CrosstabCellBase Class Members
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combit.ListLabel25.Dom Namespace : CrosstabCellBase Class

The following tables list the members exposed by CrosstabCellBase.

Public Properties
Public PropertyDetermines the horizontal alignment of the text. Available values are


Value Meaning
0 left aligned
1 centered
2 right aligned

Public Property

Determines the vertical alignment of the text. Possible values are

Value Meaning
0 content is top aligned
1 content is centered
2 content is bottom aligned

Public Property  
Public Property

Rotates the object counter clockwise. Only TrueType fonts can be rotated. Possible values are:


Value Meaning
1 90°
2 180°
3 270°

Public PropertyGets or sets the properties of a filling and a possible gradient fill.  
Public PropertyGets or sets the font for the cell.  
Public PropertyFormula for the cell's display value.  
Public PropertyRepresents the frame properties of the cell.  
Public Property

Link that will be opened when clicking on the cell. This functionality is only available for the following output targets:

  • Preview
  • PDF
  • HTML
Public Property  
Public Property  
Public Property  
Public Property

Gets or sets the formatting for the text displayed. Available OutputFormatter classes are:








Public Methods
Public MethodCopies all cloneable properties from one item to another. Make sure to call ResetInformation on the modified project in order to rebuild the object model afterwards. (Inherited from combit.ListLabel25.Dom.DomItem)
Public Method (Inherited from combit.ListLabel25.Dom.DomItem)
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