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combit.ListLabel25 Namespace : DesignerObject Class

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Public Properties
Public PropertyDescribes if the Designer object can trigger page breaks or not. The default setting is 'false'. When 'true' the Designer object can trigger page breaks. See the events GetFieldHeightInformation and DrawDesignerObject to implement your own page break logic.  
Public Property

The description is displayed in the designer. It may contain space characters, which should, however, not be more than 30 characters in length.

Public PropertyContains a collection of DesignerProperty descendants. These properties are displayed in the Designer and serialized to the project file.  
Public Property  
Public PropertyThe object's default font.  
Public Property

The object icon that is displayed in the toolbar and menu in the designer. It should contain a 16x16 Pixel size Icon with 16 colors.

Public PropertyLarge ribbon image for the designer object (PNG with alpha, 32x32 pixels).  
Public Property

The name of the object. This is used internally as an ID, which is, however, not shown to the user.

Public Property  
Public PropertySmall ribbon image for the designer object (PNG with alpha, 16x16 pixels).  
Public PropertyGets or sets if a contents dialog is supported by the DesignerObject.  
Public PropertyGets or sets the Ribbon tooltip description.  
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