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Public Events
Public Event

This event CreateDesignerObject is triggered when the user creates a new object. If desired, you can show the initial dialog to the user. This can, for instance, be an assistant that makes it simple for the user to configure the new object. If you don.t want to offer this, simply forego processing of the event. The following example show the display of a MessageBox as soon as the new object is placed in the workspace for the first time. You gain access to the designer window through the event argument. The passed class supports the IWin32Window interface and can, as a result, be used for a MessageBox or another window as a parent.

Public Event

After the user has edited the object, you are asked by List & Label to draw the object. The event DrawDesignerObject is triggered for this purpose. A Graphics object and the rectangle of the object are passed through EventArguments. Now, you can draw in the work area with the known GDI + methods. While doing so, access to the underlying object properties is naturally possible and useful. The sample listing shows the presentation of graphic file selected above.

Public Event

This event is triggered, when the user double clicks on the newly added object or selects the item "Properties" from the context menu. Here as well, you can gain access to the designer window through event arguments, and a separate dialog can be displayed. In the example, you see the display of a file selection dialog. Here, you can choose a graphic to be displayed in the designer. The dialog is displayed by double-clicking on the object.

Public EventThis event is only called if the Designer object is located inside a report container and is used for adjusting the height of the Designer object to print to fit the actual available height (see properties AvailableSpace and IdealHeight). The actual print of the Designer object is done in the DrawDesignerObject Event.  
Public Event  
Public EventIs called by List & Label to reset a possible data source which the Designer object is linking to. This happens e.g. if you call the real data preview in the Designer if you where in the Layout mode before.  
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