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combit.ListLabel25.DesignerExtensions Namespace
Inheritance Hierarchy
The DesignerExtensions namespace contains classes and interfaces that deal with extending the Designer. These classes can be used to create rich DesignerObjects for example.
ClassRepresents a boolean DesignerProperty for a DesignerObject.
ClassRepresents a color DesignerProperty with a color picker for a DesignerObject.
ClassAbstract base class for all DesignerProperty classes.
ClassContains a collection of DesignerProperty descendants. These properties are displayed in the Designer and serialized to the project file.
ClassRepresents a DesignerProperty with a custom dialog for a DesignerObject.
ClassRepresents a DesignerProperty with a selection combobox for a DesignerObject.
ClassRepresents a font DesignerProperty with a font selection dialog for a DesignerObject.
ClassRepresents a numeric DesignerProperty for a DesignerObject.
ClassRepresents a percentage DesignerProperty for a DesignerObject.
ClassRepresents a point size DesignerProperty for a DesignerObject.
ClassRepresents a simple text DesignerProperty for a DesignerObject.
ClassRepresents a unit DesignerProperty (i.e. mm or inches) for a DesignerObject.
EnumerationDetermines the type of the boolean DesignerProperty.
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