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Public Properties
Public Property  
Public PropertyThe IXPathNavigable to use (e.g. XPathDocument). (Default: Null)  
Public PropertyNodes that don't have any attributes are passed as flat.  
Public Property

Gets or sets if the structure of the XML should be parsed as flat as possible. Without this setting, a structure like

    Untere Laube 30

would trigger the creation of a "Company" table and a subordinate "Address" table in the data source. If you set this property to "true", you'll get a "Company" table and a string field "Address" within it.

Public PropertyGets or sets if the whole XML file should be parsed to determine the available fields and tables or if just the first element should be parsed. If you can make sure that all your XML elements contain the same fields and attributes, you can increase Designer startup performance especially for huge files by setting this property to true. However, if attributes may be present on one element but missing on the first (e.g. a person might have an <Adresses> sub-element but the first person has no addresses), you should leave this property at it's default setting - false.  
Public Property  
Public PropertyThe path of the file that contains the XML data. (Default: Null)  
Public Property

Gets or sets the field name to be used for the actual value. While attributes are a convenient way to name values, the XML structure may also contain tags like

<Person Age="27">John Doe</Person>

This property determines the field name for "John Doe", in this case, "Name" would be appropriate as value. The default value for this property is "value".

Please note that this property has to be set before you pass the provider as data source to List & Label.

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