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SchemaRow Property

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This property is queried whenever a schema row is requested. As long as you don't return an empty enumeration for the Rows property, you don't need to implement this property and may safely throw a NotImplementedException.

ReadOnly Property SchemaRow As ITableRow
ITableRow SchemaRow {get;}
property ITableRow^ SchemaRow {
   ITableRow^ get();

Please note the values of each column of the returned ITableRow should have NULL values like DBNull.Value.

If you're supporting the retrieval of a schema row we recommend to cache it as a local member. This is even more important if you rely on your rows to be disposed. List & Label will not call Dispose() on any SchemaRow instance in order to support such caching scenarios. Instead, you have to implement IDisposable on your table and dispose the cached schema row in your table's Dispose() method yourself.

public ITableRow SchemaRow
        return new DataRowViewWrapper(_dataView.AddNew());
Public Readonly Property SchemaRow() As ITableRow
        Return New DataRowViewWrapper(_dataView.AddNew())
    End Get
End Property

Platforms: Windows 7 SP1 - Windows 10 Version 1909, Windows Server 2008 R2 - 2019

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