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ITableRow Interface Methods

combit.ListLabel25.DataProviders Namespace : ITableRow Interface

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Public Methods
 MethodThis method is called whenever a sub table is needed. This happens if the user chose to insert a relationally linked table to the current table e.g. the orders of a customer. In this case, the method will be called on the customer table with the relation linking to the orders table.  
 MethodThis method is called to access the fields of a parent table. Within the Designer, these fields are made available in a folder with a "1:1" icon.  If your provider does not support 1:1 relations, simply return false for the SupportsGetParentRow property and throw a NotImplementedException for this method. Be aware however that your users will not be able to access e.g. customer data from an order if you have a 1:n relation between customers and their orders.  
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