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combit.ListLabel25.DataProviders Namespace : DbCommandSetDataProvider Class

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Public Properties
Public PropertyGets or sets if the key field lookup is performed case sensitive.  
Public Property

Gets or sets if the select statements should be adapted at print time to select only those fields actually required by the project. For performance reasons, this property should normally be left at it's default true.

Please note that JOIN statements may generate ambiguous column names in the result set. Set this property to "False" if you receive "Ambiguous Column Name" exceptions.

Public Property

If the property is set to true, the schema name of the table is prefixed with the table name to be declared. (Default: false)

Public PropertyGets or sets if the provider should support the Count Property and thus be able to display a progress bar at print time (default: true). Set it to false if performance and minimal server load has absolute priority for your application.  
Public PropertyGets or sets if the provider should support the GetParentRow Method. While doing so is the default, the Designer performance and experience for large databases with many fields and tables can be improved considerably by setting it to false.  
Public PropertyA provider can display if any base table is allowed in the Designer or if the hierarchy of data sources has to be maintained. (Default: False)  
Public PropertyGets or sets if the provider should support the SetSortOrder Method. With this property set to default (true), an ascending and descending sorting for all fields will be offered. If you want to prevent the user from sorting (and save server load by not having to sort select results), set this property to false.  
Public Property

If set to true (default), 1:1 relations are queried using JOIN statements which yields a much better performance. Set to false for very complex statements.

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