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combit.ListLabel25.DataProviders Namespace : DataProviderCollection Class

The following tables list the members exposed by DataProviderCollection.

Public Constructors
Public ConstructorInitializes a new instance of the data provider.  
Public Properties
Public PropertyReturns the number of data providers in the collection. (Default: 0)  
Public PropertyReturns if the collection is a read-only collection. (Default: False)  
Public Methods
Public MethodAdds a new data provider to the collection.  
Public Method

Creates a (virtual) 1:n relation between two tables from this collection of data providers. The tables may belong to different data providers or to the same data provider. Please note that the support for custom relations depends on the capabilities of the involved data providers.

Any table of any data provider type can be specified as the parent table (primary key table). However only a table that supports filtering can be specified as the child table (table containing the foreign key). The support for filtering depends on the type of the data provider and may be tested with the SupportsFiltering property of a table object. Only when the parent table also supports filtering (this is optional), a 1:1 relation from rows of the child table to a row of the parent table will be offered in the Designer.

Internally, the data providers (or the database system that they are connected to) will need to compare the values of the specified parent/child columns. List & Label does not check if the data types of the parent/child columns can be compared. Therefore we recommend to only define relations on columns of the same data type.

See the remarks section for more information on supported data provider types.

Public MethodClears the provider collection.  
Public MethodChecks if the provider collection contains a certain item.  
Public MethodCopies the provider collection to an array.  
Public MethodGets an enumerator interface for the collection.  
Public MethodRemoves a provider from the collection.  
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