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combit.Reporting.Web.WindowsClientWebDesigner.Server Namespace / RequestDataProviderEventArgs Klasse / RequestId Eigenschaft

In diesem Thema
    RequestId Eigenschaft (RequestDataProviderEventArgs)
    In diesem Thema
    ID which represents a remote dataprovider session. This ID is provided again in the OnCloseWebdesignerDataProvider event after the dataprovider has been disposed (i.e. when the client closes the Windows Client Web Designer).
    Public ReadOnly Property RequestId As String
    public string RequestId {get;}
    property String^ RequestId {
       String^ get();

    Plattformen: Windows 8.1 bis Windows 10 (Version 20H2 - 21H2), Windows 11 (21H2), Windows Server 2012 - 2022

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